Expatriate Group

The Expatriate Group is service expats since 1997. This international insurer resides in the UK. The international insurance solutions are available for all persons living or working outside of their country of nationality.

The Expatriate Group offers the following international insurances:


  • Long Term International Health Insurance

    Since 1997 the Expatriate Group have supported expats living and working across the world. Their dedication to the expat community has enabled them to create international healthcare plans to suit the different needs of those living overseas.

  • Short Term International Health Insurance

    Individuals travelling abroad for periods of 2 to 11 months can opt for our Short Term International Health Insurance. It provides the comprehensive protection our customers are used to, just for a shorter amount of time to better suit your needs. Maximum age at entry is 65.

  • Expatriate Group International Travel Insurance

    This International Travel Insurance covers all nationalities, travelling anywhere in the world. You can purchase insurance for a specific single trip or, for total flexibility, an annual policy.