International Expat Insurance and the Coronavirus

16 maart 2020

What is covered, and what is not covered?

Cover International Expat Insurance - Henner

Update: 1st of August 2020

Up-to-date COVID-19 information per country

For existing clients with a healthcare / disability insurance of Henner there is up-to-date information on COVID-19 per country. You will find it online in your personal space at Henner.

Health and evacuation

  • This insurance covers the medical expenses if medically necessary, included under your health contracts and within the area of cover of the policy.
  • Tele-consultations are covered if the Insured Member is either in isolation or is diagnosed with Coronavirus-Covid 19. Reasonable and customary medication delivery costs to the location where is Covered Person/ Insured Member is in isolation are also covered.
  • In cases where a repatriation procedure is medically necessary, the related costs will be covered. Such repatriation must be carried out in accordance with the legal norms and the authorisations of the local authorities of the host and receiving countries.
  • Corona or COVID tests are only covered when these are medically necessary. There is no coverage for tests that are required to gain access to a country,
  • "We will cover the cost for vaccination against Covid-19 for members who have the vaccinations benefit as part of their policy and if it’s not offered for free (or is only partially sponsored) by the government of the country where the member is resident. The vaccine must be fully developed (including passing all pre-licensure clinical trials). It must also be approved and licensed for use in the jurisdiction where it’s being requested and the cost must be reasonable and customary in that jurisdiction. We won’t cover any travel costs that may be incurred when using this benefit. The cover is provided in line with local public health policies related to the allocation of vaccines. It is not intended to give members priority access to vaccines."

Life (Life, ADD, Temporary Incapacity, Permanent Disability)

In regard to life and disability benefits, only sick leave prescribed by a doctor is covered. As the situation evolves rapidly, cover can change.