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JoHo Insurances adviseert Expats, Emigranten en MKB over internationale verzekeringen en bijkomende administratieve zaken.

Wij bieden een groot aanbod aan internationale verzekeringen, zoals voor ziektekosten, reisverzekering, aansprakelijkheid en diverse andere verzekeringen.

Tevens bieden wij ondersteuning bij het orientatie- en keuze proces, en gedurende de gehele looptijd van de afgesloten verzekeringen.

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Wij leveren advies op maat, en bieden een snelle en persoonlijke afhandeling. Indien u hier gebruik van wilt maken, vul dan graag (gratis en vrijblijvend) het online adviesformulier in.

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Globe Traveller Insurance

acs globe traveller

1. Introduction

The Globe Traveller Insurance is a single-trip worldwide travel insurance, created by the French insurance broker ACS. The travel insurance is a complete online insurance and offers a 'first euro' cover for emergency medical health and repatriation, including cover for Covid-19, plus covers for accidents, liability, assistance, luggage, delay and three optional covers.  

2. Important information

  • Covid-19 cover included
  • Suitable for any nationality
  • Up to the age of 65 years
  • For trips outside the usual country of residence 
  • Minimum 1 day, maximum 12 months. 
  • Optional Trip Cancellation
  • Optional Risk Sports option *)
  • Optional Sport Equipment option
  • Issue the policy at any moment, but if you have left your country of living for your trip already there is an 8 days waiting period before the cover starts

*) The risk sports are: bobsleigh, skeleton, mountaineering, competitive luge and aerial sports 

3. Premium and online quote

Below you will find some pricing examples:


  • A tourist in Japan in a two-week trip = € 30
  • World traveller in a three-month trip across Latin America = € 120
  • Four member family travelling for a month in South-East Asia = € 144
  • Tourist travelling across Tunisia for one month = € 40

* Rates for a departure from France with a coverage level of € 150 000 and no extra options.

Make an Online Quote

4. How to issue the policy?

  • The policy can be issued online.
  • Payment of premium via creditcard
  • We strongly recommend to read the policy conditions at the bottom of this page so that you know what is covered and what not in detail

Apply Online

5. How to obtain proof of Covid-19 cover if needed for visa purposes?

First of all you need to issue the policy online - see above for the link

After you have received the policy documents you have to send an email to serviceclient@acs-ami.com and request for a Covid-19 declaration. Write in English and mention your policy number! The declaration will be send to you within 24 hours. 

6. Travelling through multiple zones of cover

At the start of the online application you need to select in which zone of cover you will be travelling (Europe, Russia, Africa, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Western Asia, Asia and Oceania). If you plan to visit multiple zones you will need to select all the zones you will be visiting.

All zones have equal premiums except for North America. If you include North America the premium for the whole of your travel will be raised. If you are planning a long trip including a short stay in North America it might be worth to issue a separate policy for exactly the period you will visit North America.   

7. Modification or cancellation of the policy 

Any modification of date or cancellation of the contract can only be accepted if

  1. it was notified before the effective date of the contract and
  2. before the Member’s departure from her/his usual country of residence and
  3. duly justified (for example: refusal of visa to travel)

Changes of dates are possible once only during the current calendar year.
For cancellations, the policy will only be reimbursed upon presentation of supporting documents (like for example the refusal of a visa), less a €20 fee. 
The policy is agreed for a fixed period with no automatic renewal. It may not be cancelled or reimbursed during the insured period.

All requests for cancellation / modification can be send to serviceclient@acs-ami.com. Write in English and always mention your policy number! 

8. Important documents

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